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The Emerald City Book Review- June 3 2016

What happens when an eminent scholar and biographer turns her hand to fiction? In the case of Janet Todd’s A Man of Genius, we get a highly distinctive, engrossing tale of mystery and madness, centering on a woman writer of one of those “horrid books” that were so popular around Jane Austen’s time.

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“…a highly distinctive, engrossing tale of mystery and madness…

Janet Todd has beautifully translated her passion for and knowledge of the era and its literature into a compelling fictional creation. I hope she will give us many more.”

*Collected Miscellany – review by Jeff Grim

A Man of Genius by Janet Todd is a psychological page turner. It delves deeply into the interactions between a female writer and a genius/borderline madman.

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“A Man of Genius is a psychological page turner.” “The book is an intriguing read.”

The Historical Novel Review – book review May issue

In 1816 London, Ann St. Clair supports herself by writing gothic horror novels. Her cold, cruel mother had rejected her as a child, and her father had died before her birth. Remaining a spinster, Ann surrounds herself with other artistic types.

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“Todd’s elegant, psychologically dark prose kept me mesmerized.”

Alive on the Shelves – cover & descriptive paragraph on ‘New on the Shelves’ page

A Man of Genius portrays a psychological journey from safety into obsession and secrecy. It mirrors a physical passage from flamboyant Regency England through a Europe conquered by Napoleon.

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This is an amazing story. You can tell that Janet Todd has a lot of knowledge about the 18th century and London and Venice. I found myself instantly falling into this story. Ann is such a strong, independent woman yet finds herself with such an unstable partner. All I could do was sit back and pray that she could survive this relationship.

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AustenProse – A Jane Austen Blog (Five star review)

Still, there is something about Janet Todd’s work that won’t be a surprise at all: it reflects exactly the kind of attention to detail and historical accuracy that we’ve come to expect from this venerable, renowned author.

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 So Little Time 

A Man of Genius is a dark and mysterious work of literary fiction. Set in the early 1800s London and Venice, the story has the tone of a book written in the same period, with a feel of a classic.

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