Bath RLSI lectures on the Enlightenment

10 Janet Todd Wed 09-Sep 2015 Poster D

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I have just returned from Bath where I gave a talk on Mary Wollstonecraft’ conflicted relationship with the idea of Reason.  I had a gratifying large and enthusiastic audience. This was very pleasant for it was my first external talk since retiring from the presidency of Lucy Cavendish (technically at the end of this month) and it was also just before my birthday–and the death day of Mary Wollstonecraft. Wonderful to see Bath in a mellow evening light and find old friends in the audience, Marie Mulvey Roberts, Steve Wharton  and Jane Moore.  Inevitably I did a plug for my novel A Man of Genius… feels odd doing this after an upbringing which stressed diffidence but I guess diffidence butters no parsnips.  Butter Lemon has done me proud with rather handsome galleys.

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